Project beneficiaries: The direct beneficiaries of the project are estimated at 242,000
50% women and group structured actors (Cooperatives and networks
Professional organizations) involved in the three targeted value chains, as well as
Young graduates wishing to work in agribusiness. Indirect beneficiaries of the
Project are estimated at more than one million farmers. The project will focus on
Organized structures of the cooperative type, to young people and to agricultural SMEs
Credibility and involved or wanting to enter commercial agriculture. Level
Organization of some of these structures will require capacity building actions.

They will need to have a viable project that fosters the expectations of the members, and
Compatible with their needs. Overall, 40,000 small producers, 05 agro-industries and 16
Processing industries will also be the beneficiaries of the
oil palm tree. 2,000 pineapple producers and 200,000 small-scale banana producers, including
Including collectors and dealers, will be involved in the project. The agricultural sectors
And especially food, are generally under the control of women and young people. The
Program will affect women as well as men, but in varying proportions according to the
(The plantain sector is controlled more than 65% by women). The index of
Poverty in the project area is 55.9%. The beneficiary cooperatives will be
Selected by a committee bringing together the actors of each target sector, following a
Expressions of interest on the basis of the following criteria: (i) organizational capacities; (Ii)
Presence in a production basin; (Iii) the quality of the project to be promoted; (Iv) existence of
trade relations ; And (v) experience in the chosen pathway. Young graduates
Will also respond to a notice of expression of interest on the basis of their motivation to
To invest in their business venture. Young people will be selected for each center
By a committee to be set up by IITA.